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We are proud for some bloggers from our community members in terms the topics covered, presentation, style of blogging. Please do post to share your ideas to our community members.


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SharePoint Foundation 2010 - Study Book  KolkataNET Admin | 11/17/2011 at 1:35 PM

One of the best Free Resource from Microsoft on SharePoint Foundation 2010 for downloading

Please have a look!!!

Contest for Azure application 'N' win many prizes  KolkataNET Admin | 8/22/2009 at 1:23 PM

 This a very good opportunity to learn Windows Azure application for the INDIAN students and professional developers

UG Meet - WCF - July 2009  KolkataNET Admin | 7/19/2009 at 1:25 PM

Today, 19 th July, Sunday we had a session on WCF. Nice to see so many experienced developers in the session. I have enjoyed a lot to encounter many interesting question. In very rare session, I got such a great response for making so interactive like today's session.
The source code and presentation of this session are available here...
Demo Code -
Presentation -

Thanks to all who attended the session, special thanks to Biswajitda for providing venue.


Strat.In stands for Strategy Invented, Strategy Indianized, Strategizing!  KolkataNET Admin | 5/22/2009 at 1:25 PM

Generally I go through on technical blogs... Apart from technical thing, I have interests on different areas such as Indian/International Politics, History, Economics...

I found all these in a single blog -; really very good blogers are blogging... What Atul, co-founder of the blog, says about this blog...

Are you an MBA? Are you an asipiring MBA? Are you an MBA in the making? Or do you just want to take a peak into their world of thoughts? Visit us at We are very much from the city of Joy - IIM Calcutta!

Strat.In stands for Strategy Invented, Strategy Indianized, Strategizing!

Today the web has made huge strides in replacing the traditional media and blogs have become ubiquitous. We, some of the recent graduates of IIM Calcutta and other premier colleges in India wanted to contribute to this revolution. We felt that though a lot of people write about technology and even business, but the strategy behind them is rarely discussed. This is our attempt to discuss the strategic decisions and management issues faced in India.

We believe everyone has an interesting story to tell, just not everyday. A lot of people have amazing ideas and story to tell the world but they are not able to. One reason being that their ideas come once in a while and hence they are not able to maintain a blog, and even if they do have a blog a lot of people don’t read or comment. At we feel that people can contribute these articles and our readers will comment and this will lead to further discussion and growth. If you feel like contributing any story / suggestion/ comment then please to write to us!

Disclaimer: Views mentioned by posters on are their own and is not responsible if they hurt someone’s feelings directly or indirectly.

Win 7 RC1 Review  KolkataNET Admin | 5/5/2009 at 1:58 PM

Bigyan: I'm sure many of the members (specially the MVPs) of KolkataNET enjoy a MSDN Premium subscription. I guess some of you have downloaded the Win 7 RC1 from there. So how was your experience with it?
Even within my exams I downloaded a copy 3 days back and tried it out. Here is my take on Win 7 RC1: